Tyros Biopharma

A Canadian company based in Montreal, Quebec, Tyros Biopharma Inc. is a fully integrated, privately held pharmaceutical company, Founded in 2011, Tyros Biopharma is devoted to providing healthcare professionals and patients with the highest quality women’s health specialty products.

With our core business in women’s health, our portfolio consists of acquired basic brands that continue to provide time-tested therapeutic benefits and safety, as well as our own innovative products that satisfy previously unmet needs.

Tyros has also evolved with products in other specialty areas through partnerships with European companies.

Driven by our experienced management team with in-depth knowledge of the Canadian market conditions and long-standing relationships with key industry leaders and health care professionals, our solid business model provides the required resources to successfully introduce products in Canada.

In line with this history and the company strategy, Tyros continues to identify and capitalize on opportunities to complement the product line and provide healthcare professionals and patients with therapeutic solutions to improve patients’ quality of life.