Who We Are

Autumn Colors in Montreal City

Tyros Biopharma is a fully integrated, privately held Canadian pharmaceutical company, based out of Montreal, Quebec, that was founded in 2011.

We have dared to promote and develop a sustainable growth strategy, in pursuit of our dream to meet healthcare challenges in the areas of women’s health. We flourish by sharing our vision with partners to continuously grow our ever-expanding specialty product portfolio to treat otherwise unmet medical needs in the field of women’s health. The secret of our success in introducing products into Canada:

  • We have proven scientific ability, driven by a highly experienced management team, with in-depth knowledge of clinicians’ needs.
  • We have long-standing relationships with key industry leaders and health care professionals.
  • We have first-hand knowledge of specific Canadian regulatory contexts and extensive experience in product lifecycle management.
  • Our innovations are supported by a dynamic sales and marketing team.
  • Our product pipeline enables us to constantly evaluate innovative technologies and approaches in the field of women’s healthcare